Monday, February 1, 2010

Glorious GeekFest in Colorado

I'm heading to Colorado Springs tomorrow, joining my Integrated Direct Marketing colleagues and our Data/Analytics support team, to define how we will track and measure our DM efforts this year.

I couldn't be happier ... professionally ... unless I'm dropping mail and waiting for results. (soon)

Personally, I like to design my tracking spreadsheets chronologically, from left to right: campaign; date; qty; cost; leads; cost per lead; cost per lead per list source; conversions; cost per conversion, etc.  And I like to hear a room of analysts thinking about it. Always, always, always a new idea that generates a new perspective, that generates a new measure, that generates improvement in results.

Until then, more important things. I get to show my kids, Elizabeth (4) and Liam (2) where I'm going on a map. And I feel bad for leaving as my wife, Jen, is catching a cold.

Back soon.

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